Mei recently represented my husband and me as the seller agent to sell a house in the California Impressions community in San Jose. We initially found her because she has sold many homes in that particular community and also holds the record of the highest price sold there. After interviewing 4 different agents, we selected her for multiple reasons. She gave us a realistic suggested price, not too high and not too low. She made reasonable suggestions about the upgrades and indicated that she would manage the entire upgrade process and pay the cost of the upgrades upfront, to be reimbursed when the house is sold. She communicated well and seemed very professional so we selected her to present us. We were very happy that she delivered her promise. Within 6 weeks time frame, she turned our house into a beautiful property with very reasonable cost. This is during the raining days in January & February but she managed to get the following done: interior/exterior paint, front and backyard landscaping, kitchen and bath remodel, new floor throughout, fix other things like light, broken window lock, etc. She managed the entire process so we did not have to do anything except taking care of moving out our personal properties. She had beautiful photos and two separate videos done. The staging was also tastefully done. The house was on the market for a few days and we received multiple offers higher than our asking price. The house closed in less than a month uneventful. We completed the entire process in exactly a month, from the date the house was put on the market till the date we receive the fund from the escrow company. We are extremely pleased with the results Mei delivered and would not hesitate to hire her to represent us again in the future.