This is a long-overdue review for Mei. Mei is the most experienced, competent and hardworking agent we have ever known. She is everything you want in a realtor. Mei was our real estate agent when we purchased our first home in the bay area several years back, and she recently helped us complete another successful home purchase in a very competitive area. Mei was knowledgeable, efficient, organized, communicative and supportive during the whole home buying process. Mei was very reachable via text/phone call. She was on top of everything and always gave us timely updates and got our answers fast. Her response time was within minutes. When it came to packaging an offer and negotiating with seller, these were where Mei’s core strengths and skills shined. She has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, she understands what a home’s actual market price is and how to package a strong offer. That doesn’t necessarily mean offering the most money, but showing seller that we are capable buyers with a solid financial history and an agent that is capable of getting the job done. Mei also has a network of lenders who provide as outstanding services as her. We used the lender whom she recommended, the whole mortgage application process was a breeze. Mei worked tirelessly behind the scenes for us, discussed with seller agent and ironed out all details until she could get us the house. Her strong reputation definitely helped us win the offer. Mei didn’t stop here. While we were waiting for the mortgage to be processed, Mei met us at the house and let us measure things so that we could prepare our remodeling early. She is a genius in interior design, she provided many ideas for us during the remodeling process. When any decisions came up, we asked her for advice, and trusted her completely. Mei also had a team of vendors, we used them for our remodeling project. We were initially very concerned about remodeling, however, wIth Mei’s help, the process was so smooth, quick and easy. Mei impressed us over and over again. I could go on with countless examples. We really enjoyed working with Mei. She is someone of trustworthy character and integrity, she knows how to get things done. If you are looking for an amazing real estate agent, stop and look no further. We highly recommend Mei!