We haven’t closed on our house, we are inside a contingent offer. I used to live and work in Rivermark, where Mei’s constant signage makes her something of a local celebrity. When I bought my first home, I went with some agent from a Zillow click and I didn’t really know what I was doing – he was fine and I bought the house at a reasonable price, but I didn’t really feel in my heart like he had the expertise or put in the hours or help to really earn his big commission. When I sold, I went with a similar random agent, and was extremely unhappy – I’ll spare you the details. I contacted Mei to sell my house and I saw IMMEDIATELY why Mei is a “celebrity agent.” She works hard, she understands the market, and she sold my house for about $40k more than the highest offer I was able to get with my previous agent. Mei staged, recommended repairs, and did everything for me. All I had to do was give her a couple checks for painting, etc which she picked up FROM MY OFFICE. When it was time to buy again, I contacted Mei directly without a moment’s hesitation. We made an offer with unreasonable sellers, and Mei advised me against offering too high. I didn’t listen to her, and luckily we didn’t get that house – I made a HUGE mistake. I started listening more closely to Mei and we ended up getting a much better house for about $40k BELOW MARKET because of Mei’s excellent negotiation skills and charisma with the seller. She also was sensitive to the kind of conflicts and uncertainties arise between a husband and wife while making such a big investment – we had a lot of questions and obviously we disagreed on things, and Mei did an excellent job of meeting us at our apartment, discussing things calmly, and explaining to me why I was wrong when I was wrong in a gentle and clear way, and same with my wife. Basically, Mei threw in some aggressive marital counseling 🙂 After the seller signed, Mei texted me and said she wanted me to check with her broker and see if I can get a better rate/package than my current broker. I checked it out and, over our 7 year ARM, Mei’s broker recommendation saved me $40k! Over 30 years, depending on the market, it will be over 150k total savings. So basically on three occasions Mei has saved me or made me $40k. Hire Mei, then do what she says. She is the best real estate agent and deserving of her celebrity status.

Mike D.