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"Mei is an ideal realtor"

Mei is an ideal realtor that everyone would want to work with. Home selling is a stressful process but she made it a breeze for me which I thought wasn't possible She explained each sale process in detail, answered all my questions and took care of the entire sale process with professionalism. To top it off - she is an accredited staging professional and staged my place beautifully. I was amazed at what my place looked at after the staging. Most importantly, the sales process was done quickly and my house was sold above the listing price despite other neighboring houses that were on market. I would highly recommended Mei to anyone looking to sell their condo or home. Rivermark area, Santa Clara, CA

- Ayari T.

"wonderful experience with our agent Mei Ling"

We had a wonderful experience with our agent Mei Ling throughout the entire listing process. Before listing, she made the suggestions to us with the most cost effective way for remodeling, painting, and cleaning. She also recommended a simple and unique staging which made our home looked very elegant. Due to all these, Our home sell ended up with multiple offers. During the offers selection, Mei made the best recommendations to us and renegotiated with the buyers. With her strong execution and professionalism, we were able to sell our home for top dollar and with a smooth process.

- Client

"Mei provided an exceptional servic"

Mei provided an exceptional service from the beginning to closing. Mei started by understanding our needs, providing insights of the process and Rivermark neighborhood, and following up on key milestones. She did a great job preparing our house for sale and ensuring that we get the price that we expected.

- Sam

"She is truly committed to her profession"

We hired Mei Ling to sell our townhouse in Rivermark recently. She was absolutely amazing in every way. My husband and I are control freaks but we were so comfortable working with her that we let her handle everything from making suggestions on what she felt would help us get a better price to hiring the contractors and coordinating all aspects of the work. The contractors did a fabulous job with painting, all new floors, remodeling the kitchen - Mei made the selections and worked directly with them - we simply had to pay them when the job was completed. Mei created a timeline from the moment we signed with her and everything was executed flawlessly and ahead of schedule. She kept us posted during the entire process. The staging, photos and video were beautifully done. We had two weekends of open house and by end of the second weekend, we had a strong offer we accepted. She was completely involved with the other realtor and again ensured that everything went smoothly - we never felt worried or concerned, which is very unusual for us. She is an excellent negotiator, knows the market, and we couldn't have asked for a better realtor. When we closed, we met with her for the final goodbye and photo with the "Sold" sign and we felt a bit sad to end our relationship with her. We hope to stay in touch and we wish her much continued success. I can't imagine hiring anyone but Mei for your realtor. She is truly committed to her profession and to her clients.

- Christina B.

"extremely pleased with the results Mei delivered"

Mei recently represented my husband and me as the seller agent to sell a house in the California Impressions community in San Jose. We initially found her because she has sold many homes in that particular community and also holds the record of the highest price sold there. After interviewing 4 different agents, we selected her for multiple reasons. She gave us a realistic suggested price, not too high and not too low. She made reasonable suggestions about the upgrades and indicated that she would manage the entire upgrade process and pay the cost of the upgrades upfront, to be reimbursed when the house is sold. She communicated well and seemed very professional so we selected her to present us. We were very happy that she delivered her promise. Within 6 weeks time frame, she turned our house into a beautiful property with very reasonable cost. This is during the raining days in January & February but she managed to get the following done: interior/exterior paint, front and backyard landscaping, kitchen and bath remodel, new floor throughout, fix other things like light, broken window lock, etc. She managed the entire process so we did not have to do anything except taking care of moving out our personal properties. She had beautiful photos and two separate videos done. The staging was also tastefully done. The house was on the market for a few days and we received multiple offers higher than our asking price. The house closed in less than a month uneventful. We completed the entire process in exactly a month, from the date the house was put on the market till the date we receive the fund from the escrow company. We are extremely pleased with the results Mei delivered and would not hesitate to hire her to represent us again in the future.

- Client

"our home sold for almost $200K over asking."

Mei is the most experienced, humble and hardworking agent I know. She sold our home in Santa Clara for a record price and guided us to the entire process as a result our home sold for almost $200K over asking. That's right! She is a pleasure to work with. All of our community uses her service and she just keeps breaking records. Above all she is a pleasure to work with. My wife and I highly recommend her.

- Client

"Mei’s broker recommendation saved me $40k!"

We haven't closed on our house, we are inside a contingent offer. I used to live and work in Rivermark, where Mei's constant signage makes her something of a local celebrity. When I bought my first home, I went with some agent from a Zillow click and I didn't really know what I was doing - he was fine and I bought the house at a reasonable price, but I didn't really feel in my heart like he had the expertise or put in the hours or help to really earn his big commission. When I sold, I went with a similar random agent, and was extremely unhappy - I'll spare you the details. I contacted Mei to sell my house and I saw IMMEDIATELY why Mei is a "celebrity agent." She works hard, she understands the market, and she sold my house for about $40k more than the highest offer I was able to get with my previous agent. Mei staged, recommended repairs, and did everything for me. All I had to do was give her a couple checks for painting, etc which she picked up FROM MY OFFICE. When it was time to buy again, I contacted Mei directly without a moment's hesitation. We made an offer with unreasonable sellers, and Mei advised me against offering too high. I didn't listen to her, and luckily we didn't get that house - I made a HUGE mistake. I started listening more closely to Mei and we ended up getting a much better house for about $40k BELOW MARKET because of Mei's excellent negotiation skills and charisma with the seller. She also was sensitive to the kind of conflicts and uncertainties arise between a husband and wife while making such a big investment - we had a lot of questions and obviously we disagreed on things, and Mei did an excellent job of meeting us at our apartment, discussing things calmly, and explaining to me why I was wrong when I was wrong in a gentle and clear way, and same with my wife. Basically, Mei threw in some aggressive marital counseling :) After the seller signed, Mei texted me and said she wanted me to check with her broker and see if I can get a better rate/package than my current broker. I checked it out and, over our 7 year ARM, Mei's broker recommendation saved me $40k! Over 30 years, depending on the market, it will be over 150k total savings. So basically on three occasions Mei has saved me or made me $40k. Hire Mei, then do what she says. She is the best real estate agent and deserving of her celebrity status.

- Mike D.

"Thank you so much Mei Ling"

Mei Ling is the very best Realtor in Rivermark Village, she is excellent area specialist and knows all the area of real estate. I interview three agent and so blessed to select her as our selling agent. Mei do a great job listing our property at 901 Cole Place at $1,148,000.00 and sold it for over the asking price of $27,000 more. I'll recommend her for buying and selling your biggest investment of your life as your realtor. Thank you so much Mei Ling for job well done from day one to closed of escrow.

- Dan & Carie Mckay

"Mei goes way beyond what most people would expect"

We recently hired Mei Ling to sell our house in Santa Clara (June 2017) Mei goes way beyond what most people would expect when they hire someone to help sell their home. Mei's service includes cutomized interior design ideas aimed at maximizing appeal to the most people. She also put us in touch with tradesmen she has worked with in the past such as an electrician, plumber, and in our case, a kitchen remodel contractor. Everything she does is geared towards getting your house sold in the shortest amount of time for the highest price. Also, and this is huge, Mei offers complimentary staging which is a must if you're going to appeal to today's buyer. Finally, Mei's knowledge of the local market and current trends helped us price our home at an attractive price. We sold our home after one weekend of open house and received multiple offers, all above our listing price. All told, our house was on the market for less than one week and sold for nearly $200,000 over asking. We were blown away! Thank you Mei!

- Victor Chen

"I highly recommend Mei."

I picked Mei because of her great reviews and knowledge of the neighborhood and market. Looking back, I made a great choice! Mei made the selling process really smooth for me. She was great to work with. She answered my questions and put to ease my worries. Moreover, she helped me repair or replace certain items that added value to my place. I couldn't be happier with the end result. I highly recommend Mei.

- Indy Rai

"Mei impressed us over and over again"

This is a long-overdue review for Mei. Mei is the most experienced, competent and hardworking agent we have ever known. She is everything you want in a realtor. Mei was our real estate agent when we purchased our first home in the bay area several years back, and she recently helped us complete another successful home purchase in a very competitive area. Mei was knowledgeable, efficient, organized, communicative and supportive during the whole home buying process. Mei was very reachable via text/phone call. She was on top of everything and always gave us timely updates and got our answers fast. Her response time was within minutes. When it came to packaging an offer and negotiating with seller, these were where Mei's core strengths and skills shined. She has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, she understands what a home's actual market price is and how to package a strong offer. That doesn’t necessarily mean offering the most money, but showing seller that we are capable buyers with a solid financial history and an agent that is capable of getting the job done. Mei also has a network of lenders who provide as outstanding services as her. We used the lender whom she recommended, the whole mortgage application process was a breeze. Mei worked tirelessly behind the scenes for us, discussed with seller agent and ironed out all details until she could get us the house. Her strong reputation definitely helped us win the offer. Mei didn't stop here. While we were waiting for the mortgage to be processed, Mei met us at the house and let us measure things so that we could prepare our remodelling early. She is a genius in interior design, she provided many ideas for us during the remodelling process. When any decisions came up, we asked her for advice, and trusted her completely. Mei also had a team of vendors, we used them for our remodelling project. We were initially very concerned about remodelling, however, wIth Mei’s help, the process was so smooth, quick and easy. Mei impressed us over and over again. I could go on with countless examples. We really enjoyed working with Mei. She is someone of trustworthy character and integrity, she knows how to get things done. If you are looking for an amazing real estate agent, stop and look no further. We highly recommend Mei!

- Tiffany

"We were delighted with Mei Ling’s work on our house!"

We were delighted with Mei Ling's work on our house! She went above and beyond our expectations and transformed our home in such a short time that we couldn't even recognize it. She manged to sell it over the asking price with multiple offers after just 1 week on the market. The process of moving out and cleaning out our home was stressful, but Mei made it so much easier! The best part was recently, we received a gift from her in the mail. It was a photo album of our staged house so that we could look back at our old home with fond memories. We loved working with Mei and would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their house!

- Seema